Thursday, 2 February 2017

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Celebrating our 76th year of doing business in the coastal town of Brunswick, GA, Kut Kwick Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial, heavy duty land clearing mowers and mulchers for the forestry, construction and oil and gas industries, as well as the many other businesses that fall within the environmental field.
We’ve established a time-honored reputation for dependability, durability and customer service by surpassing the needs and expectations of our valued customers.
An example of that would be our “Top Selling” land management tractor, The BrushMaster®! This forestry clearing piece of equipment is not only one of the best tree and vegetation mulchers and mowers in the market, it’s also the best value for your investment dollar. For instance:
The purchase price of a BrushMaster is HALF of what a comparable flail mulching machine would cost.
Operating cost of the BrushMaster is 1/10th when weighed against a flail-style machine: (A) You only have three blades to maintain versus the cost and downtime of the teeth and/or hammers on a flail unit; (B) Maintaining or replacing tires and wheels is easier and less expensive than the cost of replacing tracks on some equipment.
The BrushMaster is up to FIVE TIMES faster than most other forestry cutters/mulchers, making it one of the most efficient units available by minimizing your hours of operation in the field AND on the Yanmar® installed engine.
All you need to transport a BrushMaster is a standard pick-up truck and an equipment trailer – NO CDL required!Think about it… With the high production and the low purchase price, you can buy TWO BrushMasters for the price of one flail-style forestry mulching machine, and with those two units, you can perform five to 10 times the work at about 1/5th the operating cost! Talk about an AMAZING return on your investment!

For more information, please check out our website at call us at 912.265.1630. Find out what our existing customers already know – That the BrushMaster is a “Kut above the Rest” in the forestry mulching and vegetation mowing industries!
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