Friday, 3 February 2017


listing of Bim Team (Expert) within the medical history again. In Thailand, researchers can develop and scientific research outside the box, beneath the name of "Operation OperationBIM" I have food recipes and create balance. And prevent foreign matter causing disease incredible. With open arms export partners are its health service to the whole world. bim100
Among the researchers induced the theory is Prof. Dr. Pichet persistence Chitra said that behind this success is the mix of power, intelligence, great, because experts from various disciplines. To accomplish the exact same names that BIM is Balancing Immunity or a combination of the human body to produce people happier. Health better Longevity more With this adjustment that prevents foreign substances from the surface, damaging health. Cause various diseases including cancer and allergies.
Rebalancing can be an autoimmune treatment well. Interleukin 2 stimulates the secretion of molecules that the immune system in the torso, the more miraculous. But not so much side effects. Your body's secretion of Interleukin 1 cause allergies. The capability to increase and decrease Interleukin 2 Interleukin 1 occur from eating natural products formulated BIM as a combination of several types of fruit and cereal combined with GM-1 from the mangosteen.
"We conducted an examination to be sure it's registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a food supplement capsules. The patent application already, "Prof. Dr. Pichet said. In addition, researchers purchased BIM knowledge from this research is to produce mangosteen juice concentrate out. This will help to balance the human body cannot lose. And patented as well.
"We have funding from both people and private sectors as well as products of Thailand that works like this. Thailand Thailand fruit products and to distribute them to the populace of the world. To the entire world that Thailand is not a second to none. World Science "
For the scientist who played a key role in the Operation BIM this Prof. Dr. Pichet persistence Chinda, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wilawan's Topaz, E j. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ehrlich molding gold, ST. Prof. Dr. philosophy Kongtaveelert and Asst. Prof. Dr. Siriwan Ong Chai (Op popular). bim
World welcomes its supplement of "fruit" produced in Thailand to enhance immune health and repair. Open market revealed the first annual "Asian power's growing Squibb's" Pitchfork revenue five export markets significantly more than 200 million baht in 2552, using its annual sales growth all the way to 5 times.
Mangosteen Research and Development, National (TMR & D) resulting from the consolidation of the band of scientists has created an operating balance to the immune Bim "BIM" (Balancing Immunity) to strengthen the healthcare of the world's population. With the introduction of pure mangosteen was GM-1, which includes properties and adjust the total amount of your body's immune system. Production of supplements to enhance the immune system and repair the fitness of patients with autoimmune diseases. Gastrointestinal ulcers Alzheimer disease, osteoporosis, HIV and suppress the growth of cancer cells.
Prof. Dr. Pichet persistence Chitra President Plc. Asian power's growing Squibb Co., which oversees the marketing of the food supplement of Mangosteen Research and Development, National said the "Nation" that. In 2010, the guts has bought 1,000 tonnes of the fruit from the farmers is processed supplement capsules and mangosteen juice concentrate in the trade name "MyHealth" and "Garcinia" primarily through direct sales. The options that come with the product BIM100 (Bim 100) to enhance immune health and repair. These products are widely accepted by consumers, both domestic and foreign. The very first year is expected to have sales of about 200 million baht.
The marketing plan in 2552 set an objective to boost the purchase yield fruit from farmers increased to 5,000 tonnes is expected to operate a vehicle sales to rise five-fold or 1,000 million baht for the domestic market to expand sales channels to card. Modern trade one other one. With the opening of a research center to reveal the benefits of mangosteen about healthcare provided to people more broadly. บิม100
Prof. Dr. Pichet persistence Chitra said the export markets that the business has launched exports to five countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, the US and Japan in 2552 to create products to investors in the market. The key goal The company believes that within five years to supplement the meat plants to generate income to the country each year significantly more than 10,000 million baht, "Prof. Dr. Pichet said.

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