Thursday, 12 January 2017


Part love story, part a book of starting over, and part a compelling, page-turning tale of mystery and suspense, No Stone Unturned, the debut novel by Jeanette A. Fratto, is one you won't want to put down. It's told from the perspective of the first-person narrator, Linda Davenport, who leaves behind her old boring life and her old job as an English teacher in Michigan when she's offered a new job in California as a copy editor of children's books for Grenville Publishing. She meets a woman on the plane trip, Carol Alder, who is very friendly, and is just a probation officer in California. They hit it off, and later, after they meet and go shopping together and eat at an Italian restaurant in Brentwood, Carole shows that Linda would make a great probation officer, herself.
"Orange County is heading for an actual hiring frenzy in the next few months. They require good people. People with backgrounds like yours."
Linda's career appears to headed in an alternative direction, though. She's moved right into a huge house that she shares having its owner, an excellent older woman named Edith, and Edith's cook and maid, Charlotte. Edith's shared with her that when she wants, she can even eat meals with herself and Charlotte, because she always buys a lot of groceries and often there's a lot to eat and plenty of it gets thrown away. Also, Linda's new job is within easy walking distance, so she doesn't have to consider getting a car anytime soon.
Everything is certainly going fine for Linda, but she sometimes reminisces about her days in college, and her boyfriend then, David Wyndham, just how much they loved each other, and what caused their eventual breakup. Their split was due to the demands David's controlling parents placed on him, and for their displeasure that their son wasn't thinking about a young woman from an increased social class. David's father told him that if graduation, when he joined the same law firm as his father, he'd need certainly to work long hours. Then, when his father endured a heart attack, David had to work very much harder, and time did actually get off him and he and Linda lost experience of each other. His promises to publish her were empty ones. 
When Carol's car plummets off of a treacherous curvy road, the Ortega Highway, and Carol dies in the crash, it's devastating to Linda. Carol's brother, Gregory, contacts Linda and tells her that he thinks the car wreck wasn't an incident, and he asks to generally meet with Linda and discuss it. Linda is dubious in the beginning, but comes to believe that Carol's death might have had something related to a Grand Jury hearing going on, and missing adult case files of criminals involved dealing drugs.
The subsidiary Linda is meant to begin working for as a copy editor gets bought up by a larger company, and there's no further work opening for her at Grenville. Linda decides to attempt to have the lengthy and arduous process and testing required to become a Probation Officer, seeing it as both a new and interesting career path since her copy editing job fell through, and also as a way to investigate further into Carol's death and help Gregory discover who, if anybody, was accountable for his sister's car crash.
No Stone Unturned involves Linda Davenport's efforts to leave no stone unturned in her quest to find out who had been behind her friend Carol's death. Her investigation takes her to the houses of dangerous probation violators, and eventually she begins to construct more and more pieces of the puzzle. She reunites with her old boyfriend, David, who is overseeing a local drug program funded largely with the Wyndham's money. But, will she be able to complete the puzzle, or will she become another target of whomever was behind Carol's death? Take a look at No Stone Unturned, Jeanette Fratto's brilliant novel full of rekindled romance and plot twists and turns today to find out more! 

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