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If you're used to traveling round the U.S. mainland, perhaps you are set for a surprise when you begin planning a visit to Maui, because it has not many traditional hotels and alongside no low-priced as well as moderately priced motels. So where do you stay, then?
Many complexes pass by the name, "resorts." They're your priciest option. They go beyond luxury hotels almost to the level to be theme parks. On Maui, they are clustered in Ka'anapali Beach and northward along with in Wailea and southward.
The much more affordable option is to stay in a condo. This might sound quite bare and unappealing, in Maui, condo complexes are generally set up as mini-resorts, with common facilities that generally include at least one swimming pool, BBQ grills, tennis courts and so on. Some are located at or very near a public beach, which provides visitors a convenient beach experience that rivals that of the resorts, at a much lower price.
For instance, in Kihei search for condo complexes across the trail from Kamaole Beach Parks I, II and III. These all provide lifeguards, showers to scrub off the sand and beachside restrooms - amenities not provided at the high-priced resorts.
There are three ways to book a condo in Maui.
Option 1: Book With the Condo Complex
Expect to pay for slightly more when you book through the overall condo management company. This method will feel like you are booking at a hotel. You specify your dates, how many people, just how many bedrooms you would like, whether you require an ocean view (which usually costs more) and so on, and the management assigns you a unit. These units are individually owned and decorated according to the owners'tastes rather than with a standard decor.
If you book with the condo management, you can expect to pay for with a credit card, to have a reasonable cancellation/change policy and to have the option to switch to another unit in the event that you sign in and find the system to which you were assigned unacceptable for some reason.
In Maui, Kihei and Wailea have the best quantity of condo complexes taking reservations on behalf of their unit owners. These generally include the Maui Banyan, Kihei Kai Nani, Maui Hill and others. Almost all Maui condo complexes feature at least one swimming pool and outdoor BBQ grills. Some offer a tennis court and a putting green as well. Inside the system, you could or may not be given beach accoutrements like beach chairs, beach towels, sand toys, boogie boards, beach umbrellas, etc.
Option 2: Book Through a Vacation Rental Company
The next solution to book a condo in Maui is always to work by way of a vacation rental management company, which manages quite a number of vacation rental properties, including both condos and homes. Here you obtain the main benefit of personal guidance (if you request it) on selecting a unit that matches your individual requirements. I highly recommend this option in the event that you lack the full time to appear carefully at plenty of listings or if you have unusual requirements, such as for example no-stairs access or you need to have the ability to practice your tuba without bothering anyone else.
Normally those running the vacation rental service know each and every rental property quite well and can recommend a great match, particularly if you aren't trying to book at the past minute. In Maui, vacation rental companies may manage properties which can be rather disseminate, making your head spin as you try to compare what they've available, which can be another reason to request assist in choosing the most effective rental.
Two long-established and reputable vacation rental companies in Maui are Bello Maui Vacations and Maui Aloha Condo Rentals.
Option 3: Book Directly With the Owner
Last, you can book a condo in Maui directly with the owner. Here you would research available condos in the location you prefer either on general vacation rental web sites or on owners'web sites, which you can find by way of a general Google search. This method probably gets you the cheapest prices. However, you sacrifice some flexibility and convenience when booking this way. You generally need to pay for longer ahead of time, and you have less flexibility in changing dates or requesting a refund.
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