Thursday, 8 December 2016

So here is a pomegranate super slim

I was squatting over the toilet (it builds leg muscles, okay?) in the locker room at the gym when I saw the flyer and had the official meltdown: "Super Slim Pomegranate... shed massive amounts of body weight... easy weight loss... new, easy way to your perfect body... no dieting or gym requirements necessary for fast weight loss."slim pomegranate diet pills
Are you currently serious? People really fall because of this stuff? And why would a gym be promoting an item that discourages gym memberships? As my grandmother would say, "What is this world coming to?"
Then I came home, jumped on Facebook and came across a promotion of Thin Stick, an item that's supposed to lessen cravings and promote weight loss.
Okay, I was seriously about to have a major meltdown, when I found the most recent problem of Intelligent Life and was transported to a place where real women eat real food without most of the drama. Yes, I'm discussing France, where in actuality the women don't get fat, and they eat chocolate.
The French culture has instilled self-respect and self-love to the fabric of your respective life. It is really a culture that doesn't mind indulging, realizing that food is one of many indulgences that are available in an abundant universe. They slow down and enjoy life, not slow down long enough to consume, then beat themselves up, then work 80+ hours weekly, and then feel guilty about not spending some time with the kids, which includes them rushing to the fridge to stuff another negative emotion down.
They trust the rhythm of life, but most importantly, they trust themselves.
However, our culture has taught us to not trust our innate wisdom. Instead, we turn to so-called "experts" who seem to possess contradicting theories about how to feed our bodies. We're treated like mad animals that have to be protected from ourselves. Why does it not genuinely believe that we can be trusted around a plate of brownies or mom's homemade mac and cheese? I'll inform you why. There is HUGE profit keeping us deprived and then unleashing us into an environment of food where we're emotionally and physically starving. Then, like knights in the night time, they throw us a Thin Stick to save your day, which, incidentally, isn't free.Super Slim Capsule
Women (I'm screaming over here), figure out how to trust yourselves and not the experts. That you do not need Super Slim or Thin Stick. The thing you need would be to love yourself, and sometimes that means broccoli and other times, it might mean a piece of red velvet cake. Often, it's not food at all, but a much deeper need that may never be filled if you're chasing "slimness" with a Thin Stick.

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