Friday, 2 December 2016

Leveraging Research and Development

Sumitomo Chemical Singapore (SCS) initially put up its Research and Development offices in 2006. In the initial stages, Sumitomo Chemical Corporation Polymer Research Group located at Ehime, Japan rendered the R&D needs and specialized support for SCS.
In August 2006, SCS built up a unique R&D division with a particular end goal to offer better and speedier specialized support to its clients, generation and deals. A five-year project, alluded to as SCS R&D Project-I was set to develop the fundamental R&D abilities, including fundamental mechanical, chemical and optical property testing and processing facilities.
The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) has been exceptionally supportive of SCS's R&D endeavour. Financing SCS for over S$1 million in 2007, EDBs aim was to bolster the R&D Project-1 for a while of 5 years, beginning from March 2007 to February 2012.
Since the previous few years, SCS has created preparatory R&D offices and capabilities, including a R&D lab building. The polymer test and characterization capabilities include:
  • Polymer processing facilities
  • Optical, color and foreign matter analysis
  • Chemical and additive analysis
  • Mechanical property test and analysis
Establishment of capabilities empowered SCS to providetechnicalassistance and support to its clients and production. The total amount of specialized bolster cases that SCS took care of expanded consistently after the R&D setup.
SCS submitted a project report and funding reimbursement application to EDB in August 2012. EDB led several round of surveys and examination sessions in February 2013. Upon fulfillment, EDB released funds of S$1.069 million to SCS in April 2013.
With an increase of incoming funds, SCS continues to leverage on R&D capabilities throughR&D Project-II. Aside from providing more comprehensive tech support team, desire to would be to also build SCS new product development and modification capabilities.
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