Saturday, 4 March 2017


Motorists could reduce pressure on their finances by going green, new findings show.
In research carried out by uSwitch it absolutely was revealed that more drivers are looking to cut back their affect the environment. Over the course of 2007, the number of eco-friendly cars bought increased by 70 per cent from 10,000 to stand at 65,000. Should this trend continue, it absolutely was claimed that by the end of this season you will have 55,900 green vehicles on British roads.
Pointing towards the six most environmentally-friendly cars available on the market, the cost uSwitch comparison website indicated why these automobiles emit about 17 per cent less CO2 compared to their "gas-guzzling counterparts ".It was also suggested that switching to a greener vehicle could generate savings all the way to 125 pounds on road tax, with consumers set to be 165 pounds better off as a result of spending less money on fuel. Indicating the increasing financial pressures that fuel costs are placing on consumers recently, uSwitch stated that on January 16th petrol prices reached a high of 104.3 pence per litre - up by 19 per cent from the 88.25 recorded last year.
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Ashton Berkhauer, insurance expert at uSwitch, said: "A vehicle's green credentials are fast becoming a major selling point in regards to purchasing a fresh car. However, it is not simply an incident of motorists blindly jumping on to the green bandwagon. With fuel prices soaring to accurate documentation high, motorists are increasingly becoming interested in these fuel-efficient, lower-tax green vehicles, finding them to be kind on their pockets as well as on the environment."
He went on to declare that regardless of the perception that green cars are more expensive to buy then the common vehicle, the former are on average 130 pounds cheaper. It was also pointed out that drivers of eco-friendly automobiles will save you on average 1,092 pounds on running costs over a five-year period. Additionally, the uSwitch representative pointed out that those motorists opting to have an environmentally-friendly insurance coverage may possibly also realize that pressure on their finances is lessened, as insurers are offering evermore low-cost premiums.
Mr Berkhauer added: "Customers are increasingly tuning to green as research implies that two-thirds of drivers would consider switching to a greener vehicle and sales of'alternatively-fuelled'cars are on the increase. With'going green'recently being voted the 3rd hottest new year's resolution, it appears highly likely that the green boom is defined to get even greater momentum in 2008."
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